HWB O18 Water Production Facility (Manuguru Site)

  • Place of Work :
  • Name of work :
  • The project is first of its kind in India & we are proud to be associated for it with Heavy Water Board. Department of Energy’s (DAE), Heavy Water Board (HWB) is setting up O18 Project at their Manuguru plant, Telangana State.
  • Scope of Work :
  • Engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) involving process and mechanical work, project management and execution, consisting of design, fabrication, supply & erection, integration of water distillation cascade and associated systems I equipment, utility facilities along with erection of free issue materials etc. commissioning and performance testing of 018 water production facility at HWP, Manuguru.
    The plant system involves Water with enriched Oxygen isotope; H2O18 is envisaged to be produced in this family. Oxygen 18 is used in the area of nuclear medicine & biomedical research. Isotopic purity required of O-18 Water is 10 % a/a in H2O18 & 95.5 % a/a in H2O18 for different applications.
    Project involves construction of various static equipments with structured packing, process piping with hot and cold insulation.
    A Heavy Water Board distillation Cascade is envisaged for the facility. It consists of 10 no of distillation columns along with associated condensers & reboiler, pumps, vessels piping, valves.
    Each & every equipment is tested & approved by Heavy Water Board inspection authorities as per their stringent quality norms.